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Le nozze di Figaro, Clonter Opera review – a wedding full of future stars

Margo Arsane (Susanna) and Henry Neill (Figaro) stood out from the opening scene. She’s just graduated from the Guildhall (and before that Lyon and Munich) and is a most accomplished performer, acting and reacting to the story all the time, and her soprano is pure and clear, with power available but never over-used.
Robert BealeMonday, 24 July 2017 –

Radamisto @ Milton Court Theatre, London

As Polissena, Margo Arsane reveals a beautiful, nuanced and supple soprano that executes some difficult lines extremely well.
Sam Smith, 7 Jun 2017 –

Sensitive negotiations: Handel’s Radamisto, Guildhall

From Polissena’s opening “Sommi Dei”, sung with cool and serene magnificence by the astonishingly gifted Margo Arsane, to the final joyful fireworks of Zenobia’s aria to joy (Jade Moffat), the musical treats never stop coming. Arsane gives a performance of exceptional sincerity and beauty as Tiridate’s abandoned queen and becomes the emotional centre of the work, using tasteful vibrato like an artist’s palette to shade and accentuate her lines, negotiating switches through the fourth wall and back with the ease of a talented actor.
Charlotte Valori, 06 juin 2017 –

Radamisto, Guildhall School, Milton Court

Margo Arsane was an efficient Polissena, with a nice line in comedy.

A Russian double bill from the GSMD

Arsane captured Parasha’s capriciousness and vivacity, and moved easily from the plaintive modality of her folk lament to the decorative exuberance of the role’s coloratura demands.
Claire Seymour, 11/2016 –

Mavra and Iolanta: a strong Russian double-bill at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Margo Arsane’s Parasha was a bombshell with bubble-gum pink hair, letting a rope ladder adorned with sundry undergarments down to her lover. Arsane’s tonal clarity and perky delivery served her well…
Dominic Lowe, 02 novembre 2016 –

« Bizet’s Don Procopio. Of the seven soloists soprano, Margo Arsane as the unwillingly-betrothed Bettina provided a thrilling coloratura rendition. »
Shelagh Godwin, Surrey Advertiser

Nuns on the run: laughs aplenty in Chelsea Opera’s Le Comte Ory

Whether comedy or opera seria, Rossini’s vocal writing makes demands on singers that can cruelly expose a lack of technique. The singers here all managed creditably, although curiously only one of the seven – Margo Arsane’s delightful Alice – had secure top notes…
[…] Margo Arsane’s bell-like clarity shone as brightly as her superb French diction.
Mark Pullinger, 26 juin 2016 –

« Rejoiceth ! » : The Messiah is from Lyon.

In soprano, Margo Arsane surprises by the multiplicity of roles and masks that her very clear voice is ready to invest. She also delicately adorns her speech (“Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Sion”), using the attentive cello of Cécile Vérolles. If in the first two parts, we just want a little more roundness in this timbre, it then spreads very gently: “I know that my Redeemer liveth” develops beautiful spun sounds, the air is magnificently filled with a fulfilled and serene certainty.
Beate Langenbruch, Bachtrack (FR)